Customer Testimonials: 8 Effective Ways You Can Take Advantage of Them to Improve Marketing and Increase Sales

The best way to jumpstart your online marketing is by using testimonials to evoke positive perceptions of the products and services you offer. Testimonials can help increase your sales and help build the trust of your prospects to you as a marketer.

So, where do you get your testimonials? Some business owners prefer testimonials coming from hot celebrities or noble experts and organizations. They may be credible, but as far as effectiveness and credibility are concerned, nothing beats testimonials made by your customers. They are a good source of information about your product or service’s quality.

People are always on the look-out for customers’ success anecdotes. Now is the age of Amazon reviews and eBay feedback, and it is imperative, therefore, that you use what your satisfied clients say about you to attract more clients. Here are eight ways to educate, inform, engage, entertain or say “buy me” and “believe me for Pete’s sake” to your prospects using good testimonials.

  1. Have a personal website or blog. Don’t ever think this is of low priority. Most businesses already have their own and you should have one too. Having a website or even just a blog that presents who you are and what you offer is important in widening your reach. Posting testimonials on your homepage will most likely create a positive first impression in your customers to your products or services. This builds trust and makes you become more credible (take this website for example).
  2. Use Internet, email and mobile telephone. Get the attention of your prospects and customers by making regular contacts through emails, voice mails, news letters or sales letters. You can share compelling stories or testimonials of your other customers to appeal to the emotions of your new prospects.
  3. Make use of advertising. Well, you cannot get away with this. Advertising still remains to be one of the most effective marketing strategies. Either on TV, radio, newspapers, billboards or the Internet, nothing is more effective than using the testimonials of satisfied customers.
  4. Expose your brand in webinars and live events. You can feature a happy experience of your customer in a webinar to gain more new clients and prospects. As to live events, you can invite one of your successful customers to do the talking. Through the help of visual presentations, their testimonials will be a good attention grabber to your future clients.
  5. Send press releases. You can catch the attention of busy editors by placing success stories of one specific customer in a print or website article. Make sure that you speak with your target audience, though. Otherwise, their testimonials will be nothing but a personal opinion. Spreading these pitching stories through emails and other media can be of help also.
  6. Integrate customer’s success though sales training. Sales representatives should be oriented or educated with the best things your customers have said about your products and services. Through this, sales reps will be able to gauge the value of your company. They can even use the same when they do the sales process themselves.
  7. Incorporate customers’ success stories on annual reports of your company. Well, this is very self-explanatory. You just have to value or recognize the people that stood behind your business through the years. Doing so hits two equally important objectives: you acknowledge your loyal customers and you get the word out.
  8. Make reference to a customer’s success story when engaging on online forums. Share your customer’s story when you get engaged with people online.

Testimonials are not mere statements intended to fill the blanks found in your homepage. They serve a more important function, and that is to augment your marketing plans! Imagine 100 people satisfied and proud that they have your services. Every unique and compelling story from them is very likely to increase your credibility and believability among your prospects. As long as you use them right, say, channel their stories through the right media, they will increase your sales and profits.

If you need help with this sales and marketing strategy, hire a proficient sales virtual assistant that can help you gather and spread your customers’ beautiful real-life stories about your company.